Fishers Emergency Dentist

A dental emergency often strikes without warning, causing varying degrees of emotional stress and physical discomfort. For this reason, it’s a good idea to have the name and number of a skilled, reliable Fishers emergency dentist on hand. Whether you have sustained a dental injury, a toothache, a problematic wisdom tooth, an abscess or more, our office can help. At Bright Smile Dental Care, we are experienced in treating a wide spectrum of urgent oral health issues and are well equipped to address the needs of patient of all ages.

Fishers Emergency Dentist

As an experienced Fishers emergency dentist, we use the latest diagnostic technology and advanced methods of care to provide the prompt and effective treatment you require getting back on the road to oral health. Open early mornings, evenings, and Saturdays, we’ll get you in as quickly as possible to address your urgent dental needs. Keep in mind, that any measure of dental discomfort as well as other symptoms such as fever or swelling in the orofacial area, receive timely attention. If left untreated, a dental emergency can quickly worsen with far more severe consequences to your oral health and overall wellbeing.

While many dental emergencies are associated with discomfort, there are also those that simply leave embarrassing gaps in your smile that may also impair your ability to speak or efficiently chew food. At Bright Smile Dental Care, we also treat instances of broken dentures as well as lost or dislodged crowns as dental emergencies. By promptly making any repairs or replacements of damaged or lost prostheses, we can quickly get you back to your normal routine.

At Bright Smile Dental Care, we have established ourselves as a leading Fisher emergency dentist by providing patients with the prompt care they require. For more information and to schedule an appointment, give us a call today.

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